The work of a translator is not only about translating texts into another language. Considering also how much knowledge and time this requires, it is worth mentioning that the employee is also responsible for formatting and archiving his work. At the same time, the translator is obliged to learn to use a number of different tools useful to the translation agency. Thanks to them, work is faster, much more efficient and less tedious. What kind of programs are they?

Checked list of necessary tools

Here is a list of necessary tools that will be used in every translation agency.

XTRF - this is the software responsible for automation in the translation agency. It is used to manage most of the company's processes, e.g. managing translation projects, customer databases or the invoicing process, supporting sales activities, preparing quotations and quality management. Above all, it helps to organize documentation and protects against the intrusion of strangers into the document. It is essential for the company's governance. In the work of a translator it is very important because it improves all the processes performed on a daily basis.
Cat Tools - consists of many other useful programs, such as SDL Trados or free OmegaT. Their task is to maintain the original format of the translated text so that the translator does not have to format it separately after the translation. With Cat programs you can add comments to such text. These tools also make it easier to create your own databases and handy dictionaries, which then serve as an aid to the translation of subsequent texts.

Text editors - the basis of work for every translator. The most popular option is Microsoft Word Office. Why not use less recognizable editors? They are cheaper, but in most cases they save text in formats that are not readable for the popular ones. The right choice in this case depends on the employee.

Electronic and paper dictionaries - although paper dictionaries are still in use, we are increasingly opting for newer and more convenient solutions. This is because searching for words using them often takes a lot of time, and they take up a lot of space. However, all this is corrected by electronic dictionaries, which are encapsulated in a simple application. It is also often important for translators with similar text topics to be able to create their own databases, which will facilitate their future work with the texts.
Text formatting - a common problem in translator's work. Customers often require that the format of the translation be the same as the original text, which however requires tedious editing. This is usually where special text formatting programs appear, which allow you to change the PDF or JPG format to an editable form.
Text archiving - the ability to safely and conveniently archive texts and store them in memory. It is important to keep the texts on a separate (logical) disk, which permanently protects against damage. Additionally, an appropriate server will allow more people to work on one text simultaneously.

Tools useful for a translation agency - decide today!

With the tools mentioned above, it is possible to improve the work for each interpreter in an instant. Thanks to these tools, not only the employees gain comfort of performing tasks, but also the customers can count on shorter time and better quality of order completion. 

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