Application and specification of sprockets used in industry


The chain drive is a mechanical gearbox. It has a string character - a chain is used as a string. As the gearbox moves, the sprocket intertwines with the chain, thus transferring the drive. There are many different types and models of chains that can be used in this type of transmission. This has led to the development of many types of sprockets over the years. Chain transmissions are therefore a very broad topic. Depending on their specific construction and the type of elements used in them, they can be used in different ways; they are often used in very different industries and economies. They are most often found in all mechanisms with high loads. They allow such loads to be handled without affecting the entire structure.

Sprockets - types

Sprockets can be divided into several different types. One of the most basic criteria is the presence of the hub - the most important types are therefore sprockets with and without a hub.

Sprockets without hub

This type of wheels is mainly used in those mechanisms where they have a sufficiently stable position and there is no risk of them getting into any unwanted movement during operation. The hub as protection against such dangers becomes superfluous in this case. With the right production methods - among other things, thanks to appropriate tooth treatment - the wheels without a hub are very efficient, robust and quiet. There are currently single, double and triple row chains on the market; a similar division is also visible in the sprockets. This is another important criterion for the division of sprockets.

Sprockets with hub

Sprockets with hubs are designed to work in even very difficult conditions. They are made of high quality steel and using the DIN standard. They are very versatile and can work with many different types of chains. Also in this case, single, double and triple row wheels are available. These wheels are very durable and ensure trouble-free operation for a long time. They also do not cause problems with maintenance.

types of sprockets

Examples of sprockets

Sprockets can be divided according to many different criteria. Most often it is the type of their construction and the tasks for which they can be used. Examples of these are, among others, sprockets with a hub, bearing, bore, stainless steel sprockets, reinforced hardened sprockets and circular sprockets.


There are many areas and industries where chain-wheel-based mechanisms are widely used. These wheels play a key role in such mechanisms and are absolutely essential for their proper, efficient operation. This is why so many different types of sprockets have already been developed. Depending on the specific mechanism, they may be one of many components or a key element responsible for the transmission. They are now found in a wide variety of machines commonly used in industry, agriculture, automotive and many other fields.

It is very important that the sprockets are made properly. They must be durable and manufactured from materials of the highest possible quality. They usually work in harsh conditions and are constantly exposed to many harmful external factors, which usually uses special stainless steel for their production. This ensures trouble-free operation for a long time, even with very demanding and difficult processes.


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