Microsoft Bookings, a simple and convenient way to book visits


Office 365 is not just Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint. It is also a number of applications that are not so well known, but with functionality that matches the most popular one. One of them is Microsoft Bookings, which will be officially available from the beginning of October, but you can test it now. Thanks to it, we will be able to place on our website a calendar with a schedule, where customers can sign up for meetings, visits, etc. The application is especially useful for hotel companies, doctor's offices or hairdressing salons.

Online time reservation, or Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online application that works on both computers and mobile devices. It is addressed to companies which in their daily work are based on the dates agreed with customers. Its functions will be appreciated by companies from the hotel industry, as well as owners of hairdressing salons, doctor's offices or car repair shops. The service offered by Microsoft allows for significant improvement of communication between the company and the customer. The extensive but easy to use schedule makes it easy to make appointments.

Bookings in Office 365

The Bookings application consists of three parts. The first one is the booking page, where clients can plan a meeting, e.g. with an employee. Interestingly, the service can be displayed on Facebook or on your company website. Another part is a set of websites, where business owners can record customer preferences, manage the employee list and the schedule. It also makes it possible to determine services and their prices and working hours. The third part of Microsoft Bookings is a mobile application. It allows business owners to view all bookings, access their customer and contact list.

Convenient way of booking

How does it work?

Microsoft Bookings is very simple to use. When you open the application, you will see the home page with navigation on the left and three tiles. To start working with the service, just follow a few very simple steps. At the beginning, you need to enter information about the company, define a schedule and define the services offered. The next step is to create a list of employees and set their working time. You should also set the closing time and leave. The next step is to publish the reservation page and then create and save the reservation. Importantly, Microsoft Bookings is available in Polish.

Why use Bookings?

The application makes it easier for companies to schedule and manage appointments. It also improves communication with the customer. Thanks to the integration with Office 365 calendar, it is easy to plan the service - the customer will choose the date he is interested in. Bookings will automatically block the hours that are already booked.

The application will be available from 1 October 2017, but you can test it today. Simply enable faster updates from the admin panel.

- The Microsoft Bookings application is a great convenience for companies that offer their customers time-based services. It will be appreciated mainly by hairdressing salons, car mechanics, doctors' offices or companies offering hotel services. Thanks to it you can easily create an online booking service. The integration of Bookings with Office 365 calendar will allow instant access to the list of tasks for a given day. Extensive features of the application enable assigning specific actions to employees - concludes Konrad Nieboj, who specializes in Microsoft solutions at Senetic.