How does a video recorder improve security?


No, the camera in the car doesn't protect against collisions. In this case, you will continue to rely on your own skills and the prudence of other drivers. Nevertheless, buying a video recorder can be an excellent investment to avoid many unpleasantness.

Just because a car camera is not designed to prevent accidents doesn't mean it won't come in handy once such a disaster has occurred. What if someone accuses us of causing a crash, even though we're innocent? The film recorded by the video recorder may then serve as conclusive evidence in the case.

Safe 24/7

Another security measure, this time designed for a parked car, is the parking mode. With this function, the camera will switch on as soon as it detects movement in the vicinity. Now imagine another driver who collides with our car and gets away with it. And the vandals, passionate about destroying someone else's property? Thanks to the video recorder, we don't have to witness the incident at all in order to catch someone in the act.


Fight for your rights

Each of us knows stories about drivers who were wrongly fined for alleged speeding and then had to fight in court for their rights. For example, DOD video recorders have a built-in GPS, thanks to which we can check the speed with which we were moving on a given section of the route at any time and immediately refute false accusations.

Go economic.

This GPS also allows you to plan your route accurately. In addition to the obvious safety considerations, advance planning also helps to implement the recently popular art of eco-driving. In this way, the camera in the car not only improves safety, but also allows you to... save money.


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