Franke Easysort, the waste sorting system. In harmony with nature


The waste that is thrown away in every house is not only rubbish, but also valuable recyclable materials that can be recycled. These are: plastics and metals, paper and glass packaging and biodegradable waste.

The Franke Easysort system allows for comfortable and hygienic segregation of household waste, without having to invest in expensive and complicated infrastructure. Franke's solution is adapted to standard 45 and 60 cm wide cabinets with a pull-out front. The Easysort system has 14 different bin combinations and settings that allow you to sort up to 6 types of waste. Easysort sorters are equipped with anti-slip pads that keep the containers stable when the drawer is pulled out. Comfortable lids covering waste containers also serve as a practical shelf for cleaning products. Sturdy handles provide maximum load capacity up to 18 kg.

The Franke Easysort system is made of antiseptic recycled material, which reduces bacterial growth to 99%.

In July this year, new rules of municipal waste segregation, unified for the whole country, entered into force. According to the regulations approved by the Ministry of the Environment: glass is collected in a green container, paper in blue, metals and plastic in yellow and kitchen leftovers in brown. The owner or manager of the building is obliged to prepare four containers instead of three containers for different types of waste, so that more waste is to be recycled. The new provision directly affects all households, as this is where the proper waste sorting process begins.

Waste segregation

Contrary to the common stereotypes, segregating waste is simple, does not take much time and easily becomes a habit. Waste, thrown away in every house, is a cheap secondary raw material, from which almost everything can be produced today: toys, packaging, furniture, everyday objects. For example, 670 cans in the recycling process will make a new bike.

You can make waste segregation a simple scheme that only benefits. A good organization and use of waste sorters is enough. According to the requirements of the applicable law, the best way to segregate waste is to divide it into four categories: 1. paper 2. metal, plastic, multi-material packaging 3. glass 4. organic waste.

When segregating, it is absolutely necessary to remember about hazardous waste, such as used batteries and accumulators, outdated medicines, fluorescent lamps, waste from chemicals, as well as household appliances (so-called electro-waste). This waste must not be disposed of; it must be taken to specially designated points in shops
and pharmacies, as well as at selective municipal waste collection points, organized on the territory of each municipality.

Careful waste segregation is an expression of a responsible attitude and fair approach to the environment, because thanks to good habits we protect natural resources in many ways, e.g.: we save energy, reduce air pollution, reduce the amount of landfilled waste. Franke Easysort's solution not only helps to sort household waste, but also makes us quickly acquire good environmental habits.


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