Equipment such as chillers are widely used in industry and have a cooling function in various types of machines. They are also alternatives to standard air conditioning. Chillers are valued for their low cost of use and efficient operation. The units can be used even in large architectural spaces. It is important to adjust the unit's power to the size of the room in order to ensure optimal cooling in the room.

Chillers - how it works

The operation of the units is based primarily on the use of cold water as a cooling element. The design of the chillers is similar to standard cooling devices. These include condensers and evaporators, so-called heat exchangers, a compressor or other mechanism responsible for the supply and discharge of the refrigerant. The operation of the chillers is based on the heat exchange process. The units usually operate in a closed circuit. The first step is to transport the refrigerant to the evaporator, where the heat exchange process takes place. The exchange usually takes place with air or coolant. The last step is to transport the medium in volatile form to the condenser, where the liquid is again and then condensed. Thanks to such an action the whole process can take place endlessly.

Basic types of chillers - applications

There are usually two types of device, differentiated by the type of condenser. The most common are air or water cooled units. The construction of these two devices is similar to each other, so when choosing a particular device, its purpose and location will be important. The units using air in the cooling process are relatively smaller than chillers using water in the process. Therefore, the former will be used wherever space is limited. The larger surface area required for the correct installation of the water cooling chiller is associated with additional components necessary for the correct functioning of the system, such as coolant distribution pumps. A larger number of elements also involves a higher price than for air-cooled chillers.

Chillers - who are they for

Chillers are very functional devices with a wide range of applications. They will find their place both in production halls, office buildings and private homes. The choice of the right cooling system depends primarily on the size of the room. When making a purchase, it is worthwhile to get an idea of the power of the devices. In the case of large areas or multiple rooms in a building, several devices need to be installed. The units are often used because of the low costs associated with the use of this type of equipment. The synonym used for chillers is also "free-cooler", which means free cooling. It results from the use of water or air as a coolant.


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