Artificial intelligence will look for a job for us


Say it: Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO of Emplocity.

How much time do we spend looking for work? It's hard to count. Everyone who has done this knows that it takes time to go through all the ads. Artificial Intelligence can already do this for us. The Poles created a recruitment bot, which will look for a job for us.

- We are convinced that, contrary to popular opinions, artificial intelligence will not take people's jobs, but it will help recruiters in these most arduous activities and save time by helping candidates to look for jobs by sending ready-made invitations to qualification meetings - says Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO of Emplocity.

How does a bot work?

Instead of the traditional creation of an account on the site, you can immediately hook up with Emplobot on Facebook Messenger to fill out your professional profile. The interaction with the bot resembles an interview with a recruiter asking for professional experience, skills and employment conditions, such as salary or type of contract. Candidates can ask questions to the bot, as well as teach him new things, giving him a ready answer.

After gathering all the key information, the bot searches several hundred thousand offers available on the web to return to the candidate with those that match his or her qualifications and requirements. However, the candidate does not receive proposals in the form of job advertisements of his or her choice, but ready-made personalized invitations to meetings with employers.

Why is the Emplocity bot so effective? The search for jobs does not simply check the match between the requirements of the advertisement and the candidate's qualifications. The bot does much more - he contacts the recruiters, presents anonymously the candidate's silhouette presenting all his skills and experience without giving any personal data. Only when the employer decides to meet the candidate, the bot sends him an invitation to a recruitment meeting.


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