A smartphone up to PLN 600 - what to pay attention to when choosing?


Smartphones have made their mark on the mobile phone market. Currently every second person decides to buy one of the available models. And you have to admit, the choice is huge. In the beginning, smartphones were very expensive, so few people could decide to buy such an expensive copy. Over the course of literally a few years the prices of these technological novelties have fallen significantly. As a result, more and more people can afford to buy a smartphone. Their lower price does not mean a significant drop in product quality. On the contrary. Some smartphones up to PLN 600 have all the features of expensive equivalents. They can be found, among others, on the Dragonist website.

How is a smartphone different from a mobile phone

The basic differences between a traditional mobile phone and a smartphone can be seen at a glance. It's all about construction. The mobile phone has a keyboard composed of protruding keys marked with letters of the alphabet and numbers. The smartphone has a much larger display and the keyboard is touchable. An important difference concerns the operating systems. In the case of smartphones, these include: Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Windows Phone or Android, which give users enormous possibilities. Mobile phones were used mainly for talking and sending text messages. Smartphones are real entertainment centers. First of all, they allow continuous access to the Internet.

smartphones up to PLN 600

Smartphones up to PLN 600

Currently, more and more companies on the market decide to produce cheaper smartphones, whose price does not exceed PLN 600. Most of them can be found on the Dragonist website. Users do not have to worry that a low price means poor product quality. The leading company is Xiaomi, a Chinese company based in Beijing. Among the numerous models released on the market there will also be smartphones for about 600 PLN. They have very good displays. They're not very emergency, so they'll serve us for a few years. Their battery is durable, which may surprise smartphone enthusiasts a bit. In most cases, after one day of intensive use, the battery was discharged.

For many people a camera on the phone or smartphone is very important. More and more often, smartphones, also those for 600 PLN, have a very good camera. This means that heavy and bulky DSLRs can be dispensed with during a holiday trip.

Smartphones up to 600 PLN are among others:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5,
  • Motorola Moto E5,
  • LG K11 Dual Sim,
  • Nokia 5.

In addition to the models mentioned above, there are even more remarkable products on the market. When deciding to purchase, it is worth to use the services of a proven distributor, which is the Dragonist store. The store's website has been created in an easy and clear way, allowing users to freely navigate through the individual tabs in search of the most suitable model. Smartphones are a very good alternative to the phone. They have much more functions. They're also tough.