Weekly shopping at the supermarket and planning the menu in advance are not our favourite duties. So we are looking for solutions that will help us. In the near future, traditional shopping may be overtaken. What will replace them on a global scale? Selling exclusively over the Internet? Or maybe the robots that will take care of everything for us?

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Nobody has time for shopping, nobody takes pleasure in it anymore and everyone wants to do it as little as possible. Crowds in supermarkets, avoiding super offers that nobody needs or even just wondering what to buy can give you a headache. But this can be made easier! - The West is long gone and buys almost everything online. Poles also like this type of shopping and about 80% of us buy via the Internet[1].

- We at decided to show that you can easily and pleasantly plan your meals by ordering home ingredients for specific dishes together with a recipe. Thanks to this, in a few moments we will plan the menu and the shopping will be delivered to our home by courier in special boxes ensuring 100% food safety. This is a modern and convenient solution - says Adrian Lissy, creator of

Shopping for your favourite dish is waiting for you in the shop!

Another modern solution that will soon be applicable in our country is to combine online shopping with a visit to our supermarket. Such programmes are used successfully in Germany, for example. Now that we want to prepare even lasagne, we have to check the recipe, the ingredients, the weight, go to the store and we can only start cooking, looking for the recipe again. Imagine that you just click on a dish on the Internet and all the necessary ingredients are waiting for you in your favourite supermarket, ready and packed, without having to waste two hours walking around the store!

A script from a science fiction film

The fridge itself will remind us of when to do the shopping so as not to be unpleasantly surprised by an empty fridge. This solution already exists and we can buy such an intelligent device that will relieve us from checking what and when to buy.

In a dozen or so years, such intelligent fridges will not only remind you of what's gone, but also send out a signal about the purchases that will come home from the store without our interference. We are also working on the shops that we will drive into by car and we will get all the stuff without leaving the car and we are talking about supermarkets! Over the next 30 years, most of the work at home will be done by robots. And it's not just about the vacuuming robots that many of us use. Homework will be taken over by the real robots and they will decide on purchases and our meals, which they will also prepare for us.

- Whether we want it or not, technology development is inevitable. So it is worth getting used to it and taking advantage of the new ways of shopping that the market offers. We at are aware of the changing world, which is why we offer purchases delivered in the only such cookingbox on the market. Let's see how easy and pleasant shopping can be - adds Adrian Lissy.


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