Portable and stationary wireless audio systems for music lovers and more


Good speakers are an essential part of the equipment of many salons. In addition to listening to music on top of the highest quality equipment - they also enable you to watch films with sound resembling a cinema hall. Nowadays, in addition to the quality and long usability of audio devices, an important aspect when buying has become the free choice of different types of products. This has led to the division into mobile and stationary wireless audio systems.

Classical stationary equipment

Writing music files to DVDs or other storage media now gives way to wireless transmission. This is more convenient for audio system users and saves money. Stationary speaker systems usually have many models, designed for home theater or stereo systems. Stationary speakers can be combined with subwoofers in larger types of rooms. Many speakers are complete speaker-processor-amplifier systems, which makes them great solutions for the highest sound quality. The desired parameter is also the ability to stream high resolution music from any source such as a smartphone or tablet. This creates comfortable conditions for listening to songs on such music platforms.

Their multifunctionality provides attractions not only for audiophiles, but also creates many opportunities for spending free time. Fixed installations can be connected to other equipment, such as a game console or TV. We must not forget that the so-called "columns" also play the role of furniture in our living room. The right choice of housing colors can be a way to complement the character of the interior.

portable speakers

Practical Portable Speakers

Among mobile and fixed wireless audio systems, the latter have gained popularity at a rapid pace. The optimal system for home use is a set of portable wireless speakers. The sound quality is not compromised, regardless of the type of music you are listening to. Importantly, when changing the position of the set, the parameters do not deteriorate. Portable speakers adjust the sound to their position in the room.