Old jewelry - is it still worth something?


In many houses you will find caskets full of unused jewellery. Especially in families of many generations, there are often real specimens that have long been forgotten and hidden somewhere in attics and cellars. But no matter how old our jewellery is, if we don't intend to use it, we can still make some money on it. Although many people have no idea about the existence of such places, gold and silver scrap is a good solution if you are going to get rid of unused jewelry from precious metal and want to earn money.

Why sell jewellery?

Women often can't imagine that they could get rid of their jewellery, regardless of its condition or whether they use it at all. However, these slightly more practical ladies are aware that even such small elements can clutter the space we live in and take up space unnecessarily. Therefore, if such decorative elements are made of valuable material, it is worth visiting good gold and silver scrap. Of course, in such a place we can sell not only old earrings and rings, but also other items that are made of these precious metals. There's no denying that gold, whose value is still very high, is a much more desirable bullion. But you can also earn a lot of money on silver objects, especially when they are completely useless to us.

Where to sell gold and silver items?

As already mentioned, gold and silver scrap is by far the best place to sell old, damaged or simply unused items from these bullion. But we shouldn't be heading for the first scrap we come across on our way. First of all, make sure that this is a trustworthy place where a good price will be offered. One of such places is the Mint of Cracow. Therefore, it is best to use the services of the points run by experienced jewelers with a good reputation. If a company has been on the market for a long time and can boast a large group of satisfied customers, it certainly offers good conditions. But under no circumstances should we use pawnshops. Transactions carried out in such locations are generally not beneficial to their clients. Instead of pawn shop services, it is better to sell silver in a trusted place.

Price of gold and silver scrap

Unfortunately, it is not clear what amount can be offered to us for items made of a particular ore. A lot depends on the condition in which a given piece is in and the quality of gold or silver it was made from. The price of precious metals is also directly influenced by the political and economic situation. When planning such a transaction, you should therefore keep an eye on what is happening in the market and in the country in order to be able to sell your items at the right time. It is worth taking advantage of the help of professionals, including the Mint of Cracow. Sometimes it is worthwhile to hold on to such an investment a little longer and show patience. As a reward, you can get a much better price, which will also make our profit more substantial.