Don't you know what to buy as a Christmas present? Check out three universal ideas


Every year we face the same dilemma - what to buy as a Christmas present? It's probably not a problem when we buy something for our nearest person. Usually we know her well or we can just ask her about the dream thing. It's worse if we buy a gift for our future in-laws or workmates. Then it is best to bet on something universal.


A survey commissioned by the National Library shows that in 2016 37% of Poles reached for at least one book and 10% for at least seven. Based on this summary, you have almost 50% chance that the gift from you will be rewarded with a sincere smile and you will gain recognition of the recipient.

Gift idea


Cosmetics is always a good gift. They are practical, and in addition, manufacturers go out to meet buyers and create special sets in Christmas packaging. So you don't have to think about the right composition of washing gels and body lotions. On the shop shelves you will find a whole range of products for every pocket.

Gift cards

This is one of those wonderful inventions that makes it possible to spend time between store shelves on something much more enjoyable, such as reading the new issue of "Logo". The offer is diverse, as many shops offer gift cards. All you have to do is make a subjective choice of the point of sale.