Does Black Friday shoot e-commerce?


In Black Friday in 2016, every fifth Polish Internet user visited e-shops. The websites of shops were visited by 1 million (29%) more users than on average on the other days of the month. See more in the latest Gemius analysis.

Shopping Friday for e-shops

Black Friday in November 2016 clearly increased the results of e-shop visits in Poland. On black Friday (25.11), 5.3 million people (20% of Internet users) visited the web pages of online shops (source: Gemius/PBI study). Definitely fewer network users, 4.7 million (18%), attracted Cyber Monday (28.11). Even less interest was shown in e-shops on the Free Delivery Day (29.11) - 4.1 million visitors (16%), i.e. as many as the daily average in November last year.

E-commerce celebrates differently

Taking into account the popularity of e-commerce services in general, i.e. not only e-shops, but also group buying platforms, auction services or price and opinion compareers, the results of visiting the whole e-commerce industry in November are slightly different. In this case, the day on which most network users visited e-commerce websites in the whole month was Monday 14 November. On that day, the range of shopping websites in the Polish network was 30%. (over 7.5 million network users).

Sale on the Internet

And although Black Friday and Cyber Monday can also boast a high number of visitors, the opposite trend is visible for e-commerce services than for e-shops. In this case, however, it was Cyber Monday that attracted more interested parties (7.5 million users, 29% of Internet users) than Black Friday (7.4 million, 28%). On the Free Delivery Day, e-commerce services were visited by 6.9 million network users (26%).

- The Gemius/PBI study confirms that in 2016, on a black Friday, traffic on e-commerce websites was about 20-25 percent higher than on other Fridays in that period - notes Emil Pawłowski, Gemius expert. - You can see that the promotions prepared for this day have an impact on consumer behaviour. However, this does not mean that black Friday is something that Poles perceive in a unique way. Polish consumers treat the Black Friday promotions like all other price bargains in the year. To repeat the scale of the phenomenon from across the ocean, there is no Thanksgiving Day in Poland. The lack of a trade-free day one month before the star causes that promotions do not hit the shopping rhythm of Poles. Maybe that's why this year, for example, the Euro white goods store is promoting a black week, not a black Friday," the expert adds.

In November 2016, 23.1 million Internet users (87.3%) visited e-commerce websites. Gemius analyzed data from November 2016 collected among Polish internet users aged 7 - 75.


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