Christmas proposals from Sennheiser


Christmas is getting closer and closer. It's a great opportunity to make your loved ones the gift of their dreams. When looking for gifts we often pay attention to the latest electronic gadgets. However, it is worth giving an important person something that is not only fashionable but also useful. Headphones might be a good idea.

Gift headphones should be a thoughtful purchase. While searching, one should think not only about the price and quality, but also about the style of this gadget. Sennheiser has developed six gift propositions to help you meet the tastes of future users.

Mobile and elegant - Sennheiser Momentum Free

This model combines uncompromising sound quality, modern technology and luxurious minimalist style. The headphones are made of the highest quality materials, which ensures excellent listening comfort, timeless design and durability. The ergonomic ear modules are precisely made of stainless steel using chrome-plated mirror details. Built-in magnets that connect them make it possible to wear headphones around the neck when not in use.

Improved legend - Sennheiser HD 660 S

The strong yet lightweight design makes listening to music in these headphones extremely comfortable. Flexible and replaceable earmuffs adjust themselves to the shape of the head. This guarantees a feeling that allows you to fully focus on the sound. The HD 660 S delivers full bass, great midrange functionality and a pleasant and smooth sound of all tones. Drawing on the best traditions of the HD 6... series, the new headphones will be perfect for both home Hi-Fi and portable players.

Wireless Burgers - Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

The 4.50 BTNC HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth wireless headphones provide freedom from cables and make every exit into the city more enjoyable. With an all-round design, active noise reduction and deep, ergonomically designed earbuds, the headphones provide great comfort even during long listening sessions in virtually any environment. Thanks to the foldable construction and the included cover, they are easy to store. HD 4.50 will work perfectly with smartphones because they not only offer high quality sound, but can also be used to take calls.

Comfortable headphones

For travellers - Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

The PXC 550 Wireless is designed for frequent travellers with high sound requirements. He is an exceptionally friendly travel companion who provides the highest quality and legendary Sennheiser sound. The elegant PXC 550 wireless headphones are equipped with batteries that allow up to 30 hours of operation. Sennheiser NoiseGard's active noise reduction allows you to separate yourself from your surroundings and focus on your favourite playlist. With the easy-to-use CapTune application, you can easily personalize the sound of your headphones.

Ergonomic and versatile - Sennheiser CX 7.00BT

The new Sennheiser CX 7.00BT wireless in-ear headphones provide comfort even when listening to music for longer periods. The ergonomic necklace design provides comfortable wearing comfort, and four different sized earbuds allow the headphones to optimally fit the tinnitus channels, improving attenuation of ambient noise even in noisy environments. Simple NFC pairing at the touch of a button ensures fast connection to mobile devices.

The functional multi-connection solution allows for simultaneous cooperation with two devices, such as a smartphone and a computer. In addition, with an integrated microphone, a three-way phone call option and useful voice notifications, we can use this model like a typical headset.

For those who appreciate style - Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT

Made of the best materials: leather and stainless steel, together with a foldable handlebar and powerful Bluetooth technology, they are a model of style and mobility. But appearance and comfort are not all they have to offer. The flagship headphones of the MOMENTUM series are also the highest quality Sennheiser sound. The cherry on the cake is an active system for reducing ambient noise, thanks to which you can enjoy the music in all conditions.


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