Buying online: how to choose the right bra size?


The right underwear is like a second skin. It should be perfectly matched, sized and shaped. The right bra will give our silhouette the desired shape and protect against spinal pains. However, shopping online can be quite a challenge!

Most of us like to shop online. This is quite a convenient way to save time and money. Sitting comfortably in the armchair, we can browse through offers and compare products of interest to us. However, buying certain pieces of clothing is not an easy task. How to choose a bra in the right size? How to make a proper measurement of the circuit under the bust?

When choosing the ideal bra, the correct dimensions are essential. To choose the right size, we must know our body well. We shouldn't be implying the data from our old bra's tag. The best solution is to ask someone to download our dimensions using a tailor's centimeter. Only then will we be sure that the underwear we choose will fit and be comfortable. It's best to guide the measurement around your chest, just under your bust. Let's make sure it sticks to the body. We always round the score down to five. If we get a score of 77 cm, we should look for a bra with a circumference of 75 cm, if 83, 80 and so on. This will prevent us from buying a bra with too loose a circumference. The new bra should be fastened with the last embroidery, as it loses its flexibility over time, thus extending its life span.

How should you measure the girth in your bust?

The most important thing is to determine the size of our breasts. This knowledge will help us to choose the size of the bowl. A centimeter is best to guide at the height of the nipples, at the widest point. It is important not to tighten the tape, it should run loose. Let's make sure that the bra adheres exactly to our body, but does not cause the breasts to fall out at the top. The next step is to calculate the difference between the circuits and compare the result with the size table provided by the manufacturer.

Comfortable bra

Tables with manufacturer sizes

When shopping online, we should approach each transaction on an individual basis. It is worthwhile to read the description of the items in detail and to look through all information about the seller. When buying a bra, please refer to the size table given by the manufacturer. Manufacturers release models of bras that often differ significantly from each other, although they are identified by the same designation. You should find the measurements we took in the list.

How to choose the right cut of a bra?

In choosing the right bra we need not only the dimensions, but also the right cut. The material, the shape of the cups, the size and type of filling all affect how a bra looks and feels. Firm and tiny breasts look good in push-ups and soft bras, which in turn should be avoided by women with large busts. Such ladies should choose semi-softs and bras with wide shoulder straps.

When choosing a bra, however, we should take into account not only the size of our breasts and our dimensions, but also the clothes we will wear on top. We will put another bra under the shirt and another under the dress with a large neckline.


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