Advertising photography - what is it?


Quite often the terms advertising photography or product photography are used interchangeably, as synonyms for the same form of marketing activities. This is only partly because product photography is basically one form of advertising photography, but not the whole area of its application. What's this broad concept?

Visualization of products for sale

In the case of product photography, the focus should be on the most faithful reflection of the goods offered. Attempts to distort his image, to give him features he does not have, may adversely affect the relationship between the seller and the buyer, and may even lead to a loss of trust in the eyes of customers.

Product photos should present the items put up for sale in a favourable and reliable way as they actually look. Of course, these can also be made in a way that encourages their purchase, or at least by keeping the customer in the shop window longer than a fraction of a second.


Advertising photography on sale

Product images are certainly the widest area of camera activity, at least in terms of the number of times they are taken and placed in virtual space. In addition to being an important information load, they also contribute to the character of the entire website. A well-composed packshot or interactive swivel photography, they carry pleasant aesthetic values that attract customers. This is important for unique products, which are already necessary in industries where there is great competition.

The products can be presented on a white background, but also creative compositions can be created by presenting them in an environment appropriate to their characteristics and accompanied by objects related to their subject matter and use. For informational purposes, encouraging and reminding, catalogues are also created in which it is even advisable for products to be surrounded by objects referring to their functions.

Other areas of advertising photography

Advertising photography helps to sell products and services. It is also used in many other areas, not related to sales or at least not directly. An interesting example is image photography, which requires a completely different approach to the subject than in the case of beneficial recording of images of goods. The purpose of image photography is, among other things, to present the company and its representatives or employees in a positive light. It is often a supplement to open interviews presenting the company's area of activity, its successes and plans for the future. In this case, the advertising photos create a business portrait, image styling or photo essay which is an event reportage.

As you can see, advertising photography, in addition to supporting direct sales, is also designed to build the image of companies. It also has a promotional role. Advertising photography informs about the launch of a new product on the market, usually presenting it in a halo of uniqueness. It also reminds regular customers of the company, updating their loyalty to the brand.