5 top gifts for a rock girl


What can you buy for a girl with a rock soul? Of course, it's always a good idea to get a ticket to the concert of your favourite band, but sometimes it's worth considering something else. It turns out that there are at least a few proposals.


Every rock girl has more than one leather jacket in her closet. Black ramonesque is a must-have in rock styles. When buying a jacket of this kind it is worth betting on the classic, i.e. a model made of high quality natural leather. It's good to have it additionally decorated with rivets or studs.

The grille in each element

Rocky climates like the grid, especially the classic Scottish grid. The red-and-white grille, by the way, always looks good when combined with the already mentioned Ronald's. Apart from the classic shirt, it is worth putting on a checkered sweater. Bomber jackets are also a real hit of the last few seasons. They can also have a grille pattern, the window will be like pants.

Heavy boots

Shoes are a very important element in every woman's closet. The ladies with rock style will like the heavy and massive model. Always the glans and the martens are good. Interestingly, they're back in favor for good. There are many colour versions to choose from, but the most fashionable are the colour ones. Animal or floral motifs are popular. However, you might as well opt for a model in black, matt or lacquered.

Bag with studs

Bags and studded bags

A bag of studs will do great in everyday life. It can have a large form that can accommodate A4 size or slightly smaller dimensions, ideal for shopping or walking. For some time now, you can also find clutch bags with studs in the shops. It's a proposal for a little more official occasions. Some ladies also like fashionable and functional rucksacks made of foam. The models made of leather - ecological or natural - have also returned to their favor for good. Those decorated with studs look exceptionally impressive. The choice of colors in this area is increasing, but still the immortal, classic black reigns.

Fashionable rock-style jewellery

Ladies who like rock music like expressive and heavy jewelry. In this case, necklaces in the form of chains, with padlocks, matching collars to the neck, will certainly work. For the concert you can also dress models with spectacular spikes. Such additions are impressive and at the same time extremely fashionable this season. They can even be worn several at once as a kind of set. Besides, it is worth betting on impressive, strong rings - gold or silver. Here, the more, the better. Several models of different sizes and forms may appear on one hand. However, for women who prefer strong and expressive styling, classic rings with diamonds or zircons are not suitable. A gift like that won't work at all.

It turns out that buying a gift for a rock girl doesn't have to be difficult. Just have a good look at the offer of online and stationary shops to find the perfect offer for your girlfriend, sister or colleague.


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