What will make a child happy?


You want to make your little one happy, but don't know how? You want to choose a valuable toy, but you're not sure how to recognize it? With this article you will learn how to choose a toy for your baby to be happy with and to make sure that the product your baby is playing with is safe and helps him to develop in a healthy way.

How to choose gifts?

Choosing the right toy for children is a challenge. Toddlers still need new stimuli and interesting experiences, thanks to which they will be able to broaden their knowledge about the world, while developing their mind and body. Therefore, when considering the choice of a gift for a toddler, it is worth betting on objects that will bring not only a lot of entertainment, but also educational values. For this purpose, it is good to browse through the category of educational toys to select a valuable subject among them. However, you should not limit yourself to this category alone, you can easily assess the educational values of specific products yourself if you learn how to do it!

The Hulahop.pl expert advises you to consider choosing a toy and answer a few simple questions to help you determine whether the product has any value or is just a source of satisfying entertainment. These questions include:

  • What is the subject of the toy?
  • How to play with it?
  • Does the way it is played give children new skills?
  • Will the topic of the toy teach the children new news?
  • Is the toy safe?
  • What educational values does it contain?

Answering these questions will make you know if the toy you are considering is suitable for your child. To better explain how to use this method, the following is a thought process based on the Furby toy.

  • What is the subject of the toy? The theme of the toy is a plush, interactive pet that your child can look after.
  • How to play with it? Your child can look after the toy, talk to it and play with the accessories that come with it.
  • Does the way it is played give children new skills? Furby's fun teaches the little ones how to take care of someone properly. It also allows them to deepen their language skills and develop empathy.
  • Will the topic of the toy teach children new news? Yes, while playing, the child will learn the techniques of caring for others.
  • Is the toy safe? Yes, Furby has all the necessary permits, such as the CE certificate, which confirms the quality of the product, allowing it to be sold in the European Union.
  • What educational values does it contain? The toy teaches care, develops empathy and language competence.

As you can see, the Furby is a toy that will allow your child to develop valuable qualities.

How to choose toys?

Knowing that educational values play an important role in choosing toys, it is also important to focus on what a child likes to see as a gift that is not only taught but also enjoyed. That is why it is worth betting on a product related to the interests of toddlers. For those who love a variety of characters and competition, it is worth choosing toys such as invizimals, which will allow toddlers to learn the mechanics of card games in an extremely pleasant way adapted to their age and needs. For small athletes it is worth thinking about something from the wide range of sports accessories that will help to develop physical fitness and motor coordination. Well-chosen equipment, such as a ball or rockets and a badminton aileron, will allow children not only to learn something, but also to have the opportunity to make new friends in the backyard, so that they can also learn how to behave among others.

When choosing toys, it is also important to remember that they should be adapted to the age and capabilities of children. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the age signs in the toy descriptions on toy shops' websites in the product cards and on the packaging of the toys themselves. The age ranges there indicate for which age the child will be most enjoyable and developing playing with the products. Of course, this does not mean that you have to follow these recommendations strictly. Some children are better developed and will do well with toys for slightly older toddlers, while others may appreciate the simplicity of their favourite toys from younger years and stay with them despite their growing age.

Where to buy toys?

A good place to do shopping is the online shops with toys and accessories for children. There are comfortable filters that will help you to find and review only the type of products that will interest you in a short time. This will save you a lot of time, which you will be able to spend on strengthening your relationship with your child.

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