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Let's stop in a world of hot and thrilling opportunities - here everyone will find something for themselves and their loved ones. Let's visit the land of children's fashion in Coccodrillo, the culinary challenges in Intermarche and Makro, the beautiful interiors in the Praktiker store and the best products for beauty, straight from Oriflame!

Coccodrillo - for children and babies for all occasions

Coccodrillo creates a childish style from the first days of their lives. It grows with them, providing the best quality clothing for years, for every occasion and season. Parties, Christmas meetings, family events - thanks to this brand, your child will look elegant and fashionable on all trips, both small and big. This will guarantee us a wide range of shirts, elegant trousers, tights, skirts and dresses. And remember to buy a fly or tie for the handsome little one!

For sunshine and rain

While we would be happy to hide from the rain, our little ones enjoy running around in puddles and catching falling drops. Let them enjoy their time outdoors, regardless of the weather. Let's make sure they're wearing waterproof hooded jackets and decent wellingtons they'll love! Let's visit Coccodrillo and choose the colour version that suits the little buggers best. Sunshine, too, does not have to be an obstacle to play outside. For a loose and light outfit made of airy material, choose a comfortable baseball cap or a hat and sunglasses.

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In comfortable boots through the world

Every parent realizes how important it is for their child to have the right shoes. Comfortable sneakers, wellingtons, half-shoes, sandals and boots will enable our kids to discover their own paths, play with their peers and explore a world that is very interesting for them in a comfortable and safe way. In Coccodrillo we will get baby shoes and those in which our little one will take his first steps and then run and travel long distances. Let's remember to make sure he's comfortable at home too, choosing the right slippers for him.

Easter Land of Intermarche

Christmas is going to be really great! Intermarche will take care of that with its Easter offer. We will decorate our house, take care of the good mood and delicious food. We will feel the unique atmosphere of a family, traditional Easter! Chocolate rabbits, sugar lambs, a huge selection of sweets and everything that should be in every Easter basket and on the table - all these products are waiting in our nearest Intermarche.

Pickles for everyone!

Intermarche presents Kicaczki - these are extremely nice hares, which can also be found in our house. Children will love it! For every purchase over 100 PLN, we will get a stamp on Kicaczek. When we collect four stamps, we can exchange them for Hugo Gagatka, Lila the Sorceress or Dudus the Shy. Each of them has its own original colour and character. Maybe we can collect them all?

Branded opportunities at MAKRO

Makro invites us to take advantage of the great promotions for its best brands. Bedding textiles, cosmetics, household chemistry, cold cuts, dairy products, sweets and snacks are just some of the articles available.

Anything for your business

It is worthwhile to get acquainted with the offer of high quality products for the catering and hotel sector, which includes professional pots, pans, knives and other accessories. Good coffee lovers will also be delighted. A large selection of high-quality coffees from around the world, as well as syrups and additives, is a dream not only for baristas. We'll take care of our office with Macro. We will easily equip them and make them not only functional but also stylish.

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For Easter and every day

Fish and seafood fans will find it great here. There are as many as 150 species to choose from, both fresh and frozen. In Macro you can also feel the festive atmosphere. Their Easter catalogue is full of unique opportunities and inspirations.

Take care of yourself!

In your own bathroom you can feel like in a professional beauty salon and arrange your own SPA. Let it be your private zone of beauty, relaxation and rest.

The pedicure you dream of

With Oriflame you will take care of your feet in a few simple steps. Smoothing cream for cracked heels, advanced foot serum, moisturising mask and anti-abrasion spray are just some of the products that will give them relief, health and a beautiful look. The best accessories will also help us to make the perfect pedicure - electric files, nail brushes, cuticle clippers and much, much more.

Move into the sensual world of scents!

Powdery, delicate toilet waters, floral fragrance that adds energy or maybe a delicate fragrance mist? Choose what you like. Get in a good mood every day and feel fully female. And don't forget your man. At Oriflame you will find for him toilette and perfumed waters, deodorants and aftershave waters that are sure to appeal to his taste, fully reflecting his masculine character and unique personality.

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