Is it worth moving in the autumn of your life?


Changing residence often involves a new stage in life. It is not uncommon that retirement is the impulse for us to take this step. Is it worth moving in the autumn of your life?

When children leave their family home and move to a larger city in search of work, we often think about living in a more convenient place. The proximity of shops, health centres or family and friends makes life comfortable. Moving around and doing everyday things is easier if all the necessary points are at hand.

We don't have to move to the other end of Poland. On the contrary, it is moving within the same region that makes up the majority. - Our clients aged 60+ are mainly people from Wrocław or the surrounding area. They usually choose low-rise flats, in a location well connected with the city centre or buy their "M" in the area where they sold their unit from the secondary market - says Jakub Orski, an employee of the Wroclaw-based developer WPBM "Mój Dom" S.A.

Time to move

The choice of modern construction gives tangible benefits: investments are made in secluded areas, often close to parks, and at the same time in well-connected parts of the city. Buildings have solid thermal insulation. The estates are often intimate, which provides the residents with peace and quiet.

- Seniors usually opt for 2- or 3-room flats, up to 65 square metres in size. They are willing to choose the ground or first floor. It's all about convenience and functionality - explains Jakub Orski.

Moving to the autumn of life is a sensible option - especially in larger cities, where meetings and activities for older people are increasingly being organised. The new place also gives more convenient access to specialists, for example through medical programs or more health centers. And finally, it's easier to have a social life here. Thanks to various means of communication, children and grandchildren will be able to visit more often even if they live in another city.


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