Interior harmony - we arrange a bathroom inspired by nature


Nature has been one of the most important sources of artistic inspiration for centuries. Accents based on nature are more and more often reflected in the interior design. Bathrooms are dominated by natural materials and the colours are based on the earth's colour palette. In turn, manufacturers of sanitary solutions offer solutions that allow to take care of the environment and use resources rationally. We suggest how to arrange a bathroom inspired by nature.

Contact with nature is one of the most effective ways to relax. It has a positive effect on the body, relieves stress, allows to calm down and relax. This is why interior designers are increasingly turning their home space into a natural relaxation zone. One such room is the bathroom. Selected raw materials, materials, patterns, colours, textures and plant decorations, combined into a harmonious whole, will allow to create a true oasis - comfortable, natural and conducive to calming the senses.

A pattern by nature

To create a nature-inspired bathroom, a good starting point is the use of raw materials such as stone and wood. Their advantage is, among others, their classic, timeless character, as well as their durability and ease of renovation. Stone is a water-resistant material. We can successfully use it as an alternative to ceramic floor tiles. It will also work as a worktop for the washbasin and a wall decoration element. In the case of wood, we must remember that due to its sensitivity to water, proper impregnation and... species are very important. Oak, larch, maple and beech in the bathroom. It is also worth choosing exotic wood - iroko, doussie or merbau. A very durable and moisture-resistant species is teak wood. It has a special structure and a high content of natural oils and silicicic acid. Tops and furniture, mirror frames, lighting fixtures - there are many possibilities of using wood in the bathroom," says Paulina Zwolak, interior architect from the Projektyw studio.

An alternative to natural materials are ceramic tiles, whose texture and patterns reflect wooden and stone surfaces. They are cheaper and easier to care for, but lack the uniqueness and character that is attributed to natural materials.

The natural design is the ideal background for innovative solutions and technologies to create an individual relaxation zone.

Thanks to the use of laser engraving technique, the shower cabin can be decorated with any pattern. The bathroom design inspired by nature will be perfectly integrated with glass panels with a fauna or flora motif - flowers, plants, animal patterns. Such a cabin is a unique decoration that will give the room an individual character," says Hanna Błaszak, an expert from Radaway.

Nature's elements in the bathroom

In the colours of the earth

In a bathroom inspired by nature, the dominant colours are brown, white, green and grey. Their influence on the well-being of the household members is not insignificant - they promote tranquility, relax and introduce a warm, pleasant atmosphere into the interior.

A decorative element in a shade of intense green is best introduced using natural plants that like a wet environment - winged, bromelia, fork, fern or ivy. We can also opt for more exotic varieties, who like extra high temperatures, such as ficus, bamboo, papyrus, dragon and orchid. Recently, it has become very fashionable to cover vertical surfaces with decorative moss, which thanks to stabilization processes stops growing, so it does not require watering and at the same time finds itself perfectly in a very humid environment. The plants are also worth using in the form of subtle patterns, present, for example, on bathroom textiles - towels and rugs - advises Paulina Zwolak, an interior architect from the Projektyw studio.

Environmental technology

Modern technologies and solutions will not only make the interior aesthetics more attractive, but also work pro-ecologically. Replacing a shower with a fast shower is one way to reduce water consumption and thus bills. It is assumed that about 100 l of water is needed to fill a medium-sized bath. A 4-minute shower takes 40 l. The difference is considerable. In addition, we can reduce the water flow in the shower by installing a special cap on the handset, the so-called aerator - advises the expert advises Radaway.

There are a number of solutions on the market to reduce media consumption in the bathroom. An example is the pre-wall installation frame with the possibility to change the setting of the flushing quantity. However, it is also worth thinking about electricity savings. Let's replace traditional light bulbs with LED lighting, which is characterized by lower energy consumption and much longer service life. Remember, a nature-inspired bathroom should not only serve the household, but also take into account the limited resources of the environment.


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