Installation of the Lan and Wan network in the Nautilus shop offer


Networks are used to create connections between computers or devices, printers or phones. It is possible to create a local network - LAN - in which the devices will be located, for example, in one household. WAN, a global variation of LAN, is used to connect the equipment many kilometres away from each other. We can consider the Internet as such a network. It is worth to take a look at the installation of the Lan and Wan network in the offer of the Nautilus shop.


A little definition to begin with. The basic difference between the two varieties is already explained - it is a matter of distance. LAN is a local connection, from the English Local Area Network. In the simplest version they can be created by computers, routers and other devices connected by cable or Wi-Fi within, for example, one apartment, but not only. According to current standards, the distance between devices in LAN should not exceed several kilometers. So you can connect computers in adjacent buildings in this way.

WAN, or "Wide Area Network", is basically the same network as LAN, but with global coverage. It is part of the same equipment as the local connection, but many kilometres away. It is worth noting here that today's technology allows to build networks over 100 km using Ethernet protocol, reserved for LAN.

LAN and WAN installation

Networks are not only used for private and entertainment purposes, such as telephony or streaming audio and video. One of the more specific categories of LANs are industrial systems - PLCs and measuring devices. In the case of these systems, reliability, absence of disturbances and delays in signal transmission are of paramount importance. Therefore, during installation of LAN and WAN in Nautilus the latest technology is used. And it all starts with a project.

LAN and WAN installation

Network design

The most important issue is the correct planning of the network architecture and the use of appropriate protocols during work. Nautilus uses the IaaS model, which allows to create multiple logical architectures based on one physical topology.
When creating a LAN project, the LAN is taken into account:

  1. the type of capacity,
  2. the number and location of users and their network usage profile,
  3. reliability,
  4. resistance to interference,
  5. electrical efficiency.

The security and confidentiality of data transmission is equally important. When designing a network, it is important to eliminate or minimize as much as possible the risk of information being hacked and stolen by an unauthorized person.
Connectivity - installation of Lan and Wan networks in the Nautilus store offer

In Nautilus, the most common way to create wired connections is using unscreened or shielded copper twisted pair cables. This makes the LAN a power distributor that powers active devices: IP phones, CCTV cameras, WLAN access points. The correct network configuration also allows remote access to equipment even when it is switched off.

Fiber optic, microwave and laser are used less frequently in connections. The last few years have been a time of growing popularity of wireless WLANs, available through radio waves - the well-known Wi-Fi.