How to avoid a Christmas disaster? Here are 5 ways


A sulking child quickly throws an unwanted educational toy into the corner, the mother-in-law feels humiliated by the elegant cream, which she perceives as a bad-looking mark, and the brother puts out his gift at the auction service the next day. How to avoid buying misplaced Santa's presents this year?

There is no such thing as a universal gift that will make everyone happy - it all depends on the person we want to give it to, and above all on their personality and interests. The hardest thing is to buy something for a person we don't know very well. Here are some suggestions for gifts that may work and reasons to choose from.

Gifts - egg surprises

The best gifts are the ones... the most ingenious and tailored to the interests of the recipient. If we want to surprise a cinema fan with something, let's buy him not only a DVD title for his collection or a ticket package for cinema screenings, but also, for example, an Oscar statuette with his name or a thank you for being the best sister, father or friend. The connoisseur of wine in addition to a bottle of tasteful and long-chosen drink you can add a funny glass in the shape of a 750 ml wine bottle, and the home MacGyver Swiss penknife as well as a stylish set of Woodman Le Grand keys with a note that now nothing and no one will stop it.

To infect a child with the love of sport - the first bicycle to win his heart

If we want to encourage children to play sports... we must set a good example ourselves! At the same time, a given discipline should be very fun for a young person and the gadgets or equipment connected with it should be extremely attractive. Cycling is such a sport - its advantages can be talked about for hours, and you can also find interesting offers for children on the market, such as the original first bike to learn how to ride, such as Le Grand Gilbert, or a unique bike that is reminiscent of the style of American series such as "Wonderful Years", such as Le Grand Kevin.

Christmas jewellery

Jewelry for a mother, grandmother or sister who thinks of others and never of herself

Every woman loves jewellery, but often cannot afford it. And it's not necessarily about financial issues. For example, for a mother or grandmother, even if they receive an unexpected cash injection, there can always be more important things on the shopping list than wanting to give yourself - even once - the desired gift. Children and grandchildren would need new shoes, trousers, tennis rackets, another time it would be useful to buy something for home, e.g. a new vacuum cleaner or blender, and another time someone in the family needs support and needs help. Therefore, when thinking about a gift for such a person, it is worth appreciating their effort and willingness to do everything for others. But this time let the gift be just for them.

Instead of another computer game, infect the love of boarders

Increasingly long hours spent in front of screens of monitors, computers, laptops or tablets are a growing problem of civilization. And it's not just about children or young people. If we want to give a player something other than another computer game, accessories or in-game points, consider buying a board. Only that her choice must be dictated by the interests of the person to whom we dedicate this gift e.g. a strategy game for a born strategist or a board with the Lord of the Rings motif for a lover of Middle-earth, and also be associated with the proposal that we will gladly play with him.

Dedicated book, e-book factor or bookstore voucher

Not everyone will be happy with a gift in the form of a book if they prefer, for example, to watch TV series on a daily basis. But if the person we want to give is a true bibliophile, then all we have to do is conduct a little inquiry to discretely learn about his reading preferences and titles, which are not yet on the shelf. When we are not able to check it, a good solution is a gift card - however, it is worth thinking about a special dedication to show that we did not go for the easy way. For those who can afford a more expensive gift, a good idea is an e-book reader, thanks to which a literature lover will always be able to carry... actually the entire home library.

The above proposals are only the tip of the iceberg - how many people, how many ideas for the right gifts for Santa Claus and for the Christmas tree. And let's remember - the gifts are not about making them as expensive as possible (too expensive may be troublesome for the recipient, because they may not always be able to answer the same), but about being thoughtful and given from the heart.