A few words in Finnish about the sis.


For Finns, it is something that helps them to exceed themselves, to go beyond the limits of stamina and persistence. It is a synonym of determination and strength, and literally something that comes from the depths of the body. Sisu, as it is mentioned, has reached a national dimension in Finland. Where did it come from and why is it a source of pride for the Finns?

Difficult climatic conditions, long and dark winters have always forced Finns to struggle with harsh reality. No wonder that sisu understood as fortitude has become a national feature in Finland.

Live in Finnish

Finnish weather conditions had an impact not only on their characters, but also on the development of many areas of life. This is visible in architecture and everyday life, among others. Finns love simple and functional solutions that make it easier for them to cope with their daily duties - says Dorota Śledyńska, architect at Nordic Mokotów, YIT. The place of such asylum is definitely an apartment. It is supposed not only to protect against harsh winters, but also to be a place of rest and regeneration - he adds. The nature surrounding the Finns has made them appreciate peace and tranquility. Even in big cities they make sure that there is no shortage of greenery and natural materials in their homes," comments Śledyńska.

Sis strategy

Historical struggle

In the evolution of the significance of sisu, in addition to the harsh climate, Finland's difficult history also played a major role. The country fought for centuries to preserve its language and identity - first under Swedish rule and then under the Russian regime. In this dimension, sisu has become synonymous with the constant struggle against obstacles and pursuit of a goal despite the adversities of fate.

Reliability in business

Interestingly, sisu is also valued in business. Why? Above all, Finland is associated with reliability, high quality and ecological values. It is also associated with socially responsible activities, and this is an area that really distinguishes Finnish companies," adds Dorota.

"Sisu" as a brand name is used, among others, by Finnish armoured vehicle and icebreaker manufacturers. As the name suggests, this word is not only meant to inspire respect, but also to guarantee strength and reliability. Who would have thought such a friendly-sounding word has so much power!


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