What is Cannabis Sativa?


Cannabis Sativa - known as hemp - is a plant species of the hemp family. It is a cultivated plant that occurs in different parts of the world. In natural conditions, we can meet her in Afghanistan or Central Asia. In Poland, on the other hand, the name wild hemp or sowing hemp may be wild. However, it is worth learning something about their properties, as well as the mistakes that should be avoided during cultivation.

What do you have to beware of when you start growing this plant?

As a beginner grower you should be familiar with the variety of cannabis you are going to grow, but there are a few recurring mistakes that you should avoid. In Hinduism, cannabis was considered a sacred plant and disrespect for it was severely punished, so I advise you to look after your plants and be careful:

  • The time of year when you start growing Cannabis Sativa

There is a misconception that if it starts in early spring, the plants will have larger buds. The best time to sow is early June if we want to sow outside. It's good to reckon with the development time of the plant, which will bloom in mid-August. Its buds may emerge this month, sometimes in September, but there are known cases where they have also emerged much later. That's why we have to be patient when growing.

  • Under no circumstances touch the germinating seeds!

Cannabis Sativa can germinate for up to 10 days. Therefore, you have to be patient, as interfering in this process can cause irreversible changes.

  • Is it time for the harvest?

Even when we see that the buds are already big and we think they're ready to break, we shouldn't do that. This is one of the most common mistakes, because the size of the buds and the resin forming is not everything. From the moment we observe this phenomenon, the most important are the next two weeks in which they gain as much as 25% of their weight.

  • Watering and fertilizing marijuana - "what's too much is unhealthy"

Excessive watering will work, as with any grown plant, make it rot. Only water when the upper few centimetres are dry. As a beginner, get acquainted with the hydroponic kit, which is very hard to pour. The question is often asked when to start fertilizing? Only when 2 spiky leaves and the most important ones are present, do not add fertilizer every time you water. You should rinse the plants with plenty of water every 2-4 weeks.

CBD operation

Have you ever heard of CBD? It is one of the many cannabinoids contained in hemp. Unlike THC, there is no psychoactive effect. Did you know that the CBD contained in Cannabis Sativa has anticancer properties? The current use of these substances in medicine:

  • THC - was to relieve pain, reduce nausea, improve appetite (especially in patients after chemotherapy).
  • CBD - only recently scientists have discovered the ability of this substance to fight various types of cancer. The substance prevents the growth of cancer cells and destroys existing ones. It helps in cases such as lung and cervical cancer, but it also works with leukaemia or thyroid. It also reduces the invasion of a dangerous brain cancer - glioma.

You should also think about the antidepressant effect of Cannabis Sativa, which was detected by mouse testing. The results of the research showed that CBD had an effect on animals as fast and long-lasting as the antidepressants we know on the market.

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