The most fashionable dresses spring summer - get inspired!


Every year, the world's fashion designers serve us interesting ideas for motifs, patterns, cuts and dress styles. If you don't have time to keep up with these trends, read the article below and you'll find out what dresses are currently in fashion and are making a big impression on the international catwalks.

Powder peas dresses - spring summer 2018/2019 trends

Powder peas dresses are a real hit of this and probably next spring-summer season. This pastel pink shade is perfect for holiday styles and, importantly, it fits both tanned, brown skin and pale, alabaster complexion. Powder dresses are currently extremely popular and can be used in many situations.

Powder dresses for the summer

Powder is a pink shade (like apricot or salmon) and is definitely one of the most fashionable colours of recent years. This is the colour of spring and summer styles, so powder dresses are a shot in 10 on hot days. Powder dresses go perfectly with almost any colour, so you have plenty of room for manoeuvre when it comes to styling. You want to feel elegant? Combine a powder dress with a subdued white or grenade. Or do you want a more unofficial, daytime style? Combine pink and blue, or leave the powder total look alone.

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Not only the powder dress

If you like pastel colours, then powder pink is certainly your choice. But don't be afraid to choose feminine, mature cuts such powdery shorts, which are a perfect base for any summer set, but without a dress. Shorts in combination with sneakers and a t-shirt will be a loose option for hot days, and with pins and a lace blouse - a sexy but also very comfortable and airy style.

Although we used to suggest combining powder dresses with subdued colors, don't be afraid to use vivid colors such as black or gray. Treat powder as a counterbalance to e.g. black in summer - it's a great combination, which is bold, fashionable and sexy. Pink and black will work both in an official meeting and when you go out with friends, so don't hesitate to add black elements and accessories to powder dresses.

Powder dresses

If you don't have a problem with a total powder look, try a powder head to toe style. If you choose the right dress style (e.g. airy, fashionable, spread out dress), the powder total look will work in many situations. But don't forget about accessories - a dark purse, panther boots or glasses with a floral motif will surely add charm to such a styling, and gold jewellery will be a perfect complement to this whole.

Powder pink can be childish, but it's all about choosing the right cut and accessories. The right balance of colour and design can add class and elegance to a powder dress, making it not a dress for a girl, but a serious argument for an adult woman. That's how color works, anyway - it's not more or less mature, because everything depends on how we use it. So make sure your powdery hairstyles are always accompanied by the right accessories.