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Acidification of the body can cause many unwanted ailments as well as health problems. Improper diet, stressful work, a multitude of obligations, total lack of or too much physical activity - all this can affect the pH balance and thus acidification of the body. Such a weakened system is less efficient and at the same time more susceptible to disease. In the case of large acid-base imbalances, hypertension, increased cholesterol, caries, arthritis or migraine, among other things, can occur. Fortunately, this can be prevented with an appropriate diet and supplement support. Just what choice? Find out the ranking of supplements for body acidification!

What's an acidification?

Acidification can be the result of excessive stress and an abnormal diet, rich in highly processed products, excessive amounts of meat, dairy and cereals, and small supplies of vegetables and fruit. This is a condition where dysfunction in the acid-base area occurs. The pH of the blood should be kept constant between 7,35 and 7,45. If the pH of individual body fluids gives a pH of less than 7, the reaction is acidic. In the case of a reaction above this scale, the alkaline reaction.

What causes acidification? Find out the causes and symptoms of acidification!

The causes of acidification may be various, including disorders of acid secretion processes or accumulation of toxins and heavy metals. We have no direct influence on these biochemical processes, but it should be noted that the acidification of the body can be influenced by our lifestyle. A diet rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins of animal origin may have a negative impact on the acid-base balance. Acidification can also be facilitated by calcium deficiency, which is necessary to maintain a proper acid-base balance in the body.

The required balance is also influenced by inulin, which is responsible for preventing the accumulation of undigested food residues in the large intestine, thus limiting unfavourable fermentation processes. The reasons for acidification mentioned by specialists also concern the use of stimulants such as alcohol or cigarettes, avoidance of physical activity or frequent testing of numerous weight loss diets on yourself. Taking various medications or metabolic disorders can also contribute to acidification.

signs of acidification

How do you recognise acidification? Many symptoms may be underestimated by us because we associate them with other diseases or ailments. However, if the changes observed in our body do not go away, it is worth thinking about the control of acidification. Symptoms that may cause our anxiety are frequent mood swings, a significant reduction in mood, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, as well as nail brittleness, acne, hair loss and dry skin.

What about acidification? Ranking of the most popular supplements 2018!

In order to prevent or inhibit acidification processes, you should start by making changes to your lifestyle - an appropriate diet, physical activity and a large amount of fluid intake. Acidification supplements will also help. The ranking will allow you to get to know the most popular supplements on the market!

  1. Prodeacid is currently the undisputed number one, characterized by natural ingredients such as extract from grape, kiwi fruit, red beet, millet sprouts and others. This most popular acidification supplement helps to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals, while providing a range of vitamins and minerals and restoring the appropriate pH level.
  1. Dexavil Forte is also recommended by users. Its unique blend of ingredients allows you to get rid of the symptoms of acidification of the body, while having a regenerative effect.
  1. Detoxic is also very popular - mainly due to its natural ingredients. It restores the natural microflora in the intestines and helps to cleanse the body of toxins and parasites, while increasing the body's immunity.
  1. Toxinext is a product dedicated to cleaning the body and removing parasites from it. It also improves the condition of skin and nails, while minimizing intestinal and digestive functions. It is particularly suitable for people in a state of continuous fatigue.

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