Cessation of smoking cessation methods


When deciding to quit smoking, it is good to know all the pharmacological methods that will help you quit.

Quitting smoking - pills

There are some drugs on the market that have been developed for people who want to quit. However, we should take care not to use them instrumentally. There is no medicine on the market that works in a magical way that we forget about cigarettes when we take it. The task of such drugs is to alleviate the symptoms that accompany nicotine starvation. We can choose between medicines such as Champix, Zyban, Desmoxan, Tabex or the so-called Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

How to choose the perfect medicine for us? We should pay attention to a few factors when choosing:

1. level of dependence

It is worthwhile to look around the drugs available on the market, check the whole mechanism of addiction, and do a specialist test for addiction. It is also worth considering your own motivation to quit, as well as conducting an interview about smoking.

We should also seek the advice of our GP. It will help to rule out any possible contraindications to taking this medicine. A visit to the Smoking Aid Clinic may also be helpful. You can also call the TPPP (Smoking Help Desk) for valuable information.

There are also unconventional methods such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Bioresonance
  • Hypnosis

How does Nicotine Replacement Therapy help?

ways to quit smoking

Nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine has been used for thirty years, it helps to reduce the symptoms that are visible when a person stops reaching for cigarettes. Taking in nicotine alone, by sticking a slice or chewing gum, causes us not to take in harmful substances.

This method should be used when a person is physiologically dependent on taking nicotine. This works by doing an addiction test and you can also ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you happen to wake up at night and smoke a cigarette?
  • Do you reach for a cigarette as soon as you wake up?
  • You smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?

You're an addict if you answer at least two questions yes.
If you answer two of these questions yes, it means that you are a nicotine addict.

The nicotine addiction treatment process consists of the first stage when you completely stop smoking and only support yourself with nicotine patches or gums. The other one, when you're completely off the nicotine in all its forms.