What's forskolin (Indian nettle)?


Forskolin is often referred to as a medicine for weight loss, but in Ayurvedic medicine it is a plant used to treat many diseases.

Indian nettle - forskolin

It is a substance obtained from the herbal raw material, i.e. leaves and herbs of a plant called Indian nettle or urticaria. In Europe it is considered to be an ornamental plant. You can now find preparations that contain powdered Indian nettle herb or just forskolin. The former show a slightly wider effect.

Indian nettle - properties

In Ayurvedic medicine forskolin was used as a heart medicine, as well as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. However, there are no human studies that confirm the healing properties of Indian nettle. The tests were conducted on animals only. Forskolin is already working on a cellular level. According to experts, the Indian nettle stimulates cells to send neurotransmitters, which triggers anti-inflammatory and analgesic processes. This plant is recommended when treating hypothyroidism or Hashimoto disease.


The Indian nettle improves blood circulation, which translates into better heart function. In addition, it has an anti-cancer effect. Indian nettle and slimming Forskolin stimulates insulin production and fat breakdown. Therefore, it is helpful in the fight against overprogrammed kilograms. However, no significant weight loss was noted in the study. However, the tests were conducted on such a small sample that the results cannot be considered binding.

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Indian nettle - how to use?

Traditionally, Indian nettle is eaten as an herbal infusion. It is sold in powder or sachets. Another way to consume it is to use an intake, which is formed by pouring 40% alcohol into the fresh herb. Furthermore, forskolin is sold as a dietary supplement. Then the dosage described on the package must be observed. Does forskolin cause side effects? To date, studies have not shown any side effects of forskolin. However, the experiments lasted only 3 months. So Indian nettles should not be eaten by pregnant women. In addition, the plant may increase the risk of miscarriage or subcutaneous hemorrhages due to its antithrombotic effect. Forskolin seems to be worth reaching for. However, it is worth remembering about a healthy lifestyle - an appropriate diet and regular physical activity.


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