Contact lenses, which is an invisible way to notice the effect


Contact lenses are an excellent invention in the field of ophthalmology, allowing to improve the area of vision without wearing glasses. The second advantage of this product is also its cosmetic function, by means of which we can change the colour of the iris of the eye or guarantee its healthy white appearance. Most lenses currently available on the market provide the eye with free breathing, proper hydration, fit and general wearing comfort, but be careful with some offers, especially those from unknown sources. The composition of such products usually does not meet basic standards and is not suitable for contact with the eye. To avoid such situations, it is always worth buying products from reputable distributors such as AVM4you - the manufacturer of glasses and contact lenses, which has been present on the market since 2003.

What are the advantages of wearing contact lenses?

Lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses, which will make many people's lives more pleasant, making them not have to give up their active lifestyle. They make the visual impairment go away, guaranteeing the patient's wearing comfort - for example, because they do not evaporate or get dirty. Another advantage of contact lenses is that they increase the patient's self-confidence as a consequence of being aware of their good looks - not only because of the lack of glasses, but also because of the possibility to change the colour of the iris quickly.

Types and pitch of contact lenses

Correction lenses vary according to many criteria. One of them is the material from which they are made. In this group, there is a hard type - made of organic glass with relatively good oxygen permeability and a soft type - characterised by flexibility. The next criterion for dividing lenses is the time of wear. Nowadays, there is a variety of products on the market - from one-day, two-week and monthly to even annual! In addition, the lens wear mode is also important: the most popular - daytime, and extremely comfortable - continuous - allowing you to forget about the daily obligation to clean your lenses for 30 days and nights.

What should be kept in mind when deciding on an alternative to glasses?

The lenses can be worn by anyone, provided that they follow all the hygiene rules that this entails - failure to do so may lead to both minor and major corneal irritation. That's why it is important to follow the rules of using contact lenses, such as the right time and the way to wear them, and to wash your hands thoroughly every time before you touch the eye. It is worth choosing lenses suitable for your eyesight together with .


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