Currently, a lot of people use the services of translation agencies. Open borders make us travel and live in other countries more often. Therefore, we often need professional translation of various documents. However, translation agencies are also often approached by companies that require the translation of documents used in their operations. It is therefore safe to say that the translators have a lot to do, and the offices employing them have more and more things to deal with.

However, they are helped by new technologies and modern software, dedicated to translation agencies. One of the most popular is certainly XTRF. But is it worth investing in this solution? Without a doubt, every penny spent on purchasing this software will turn out to be well spent. XTRF is a professional automation of the work of translation agencies, which brings them benefits themselves. Why not make it easier to manage such a powerful machine as translation agencies?

What do we gain by using XTRF?

Full automation

I guess everyone realizes that there are activities in all companies that we have to keep repeating. The same is true in translations, where we often deal with the same document diagrams. XTRF allows us to create templates, thanks to which we will not have to generate identical documents every time, which will shorten our work time. It is therefore sufficient to enter the relevant data in each subsequent marriage certificate or document relating to imported vehicles.

XTRF program

Vocabulary databases

Using XTRF software is a great convenience for translators also in terms of creating their own vocabulary databases. This is extremely useful, for example, when translating medical or court records, as many of the phrases are repeated in them. And if we already have them in our base, work becomes faster and much easier.


The person responsible for managing entire projects, contacts with customers and subcontractors can also gain a lot from XTRF. With the help of this software we can create clear and comprehensive databases on all orders, projects, translators and, of course, customers. In addition, the documents and data contained in such a system are accessible only to designated persons and are therefore completely secure.

Control over financial matters

Translation agency managers will also be pleased that XTRF software is able to effectively support their work related to company finances. This programme definitely facilitates budget planning, among other things by allowing the calculation of revenue. Thanks to it, we can also efficiently manage invoices and any overdue payments. Interestingly, thanks to XTRF we will also be able to create effective sales strategies faster. And as you can guess, they can make a real difference in getting more orders.

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