What does website positioning involve and what activities bring the best results?


Do you want your company's website to become visible in the natural Google search engine results? For most industries this is not possible if the service is not positioned. By working with SEO, you can stay ahead of the competition by getting top positions on the keywords frequently typed into Google by your potential customers. So what is website positioning and what principles should be followed when cooperating with the agency?

The first step is optimisation

Before proper positioning begins, it is necessary to take optimization measures within the website. The idea is to adapt its code to make it Google-friendly. Therefore, it is necessary to remove any possible errors, take care of meta tags, and adapt the website for browsing on mobile devices. It is also important that the URLs of the individual subpages are structured accordingly. Each optimization is preceded by a detailed audit of the site, divided into several important areas:

The purpose of the audit is to check the website for SEO, i.e. optimization and review of links leading to the website. In addition, the website's functionality is analyzed - loading speed, transparency of subpages and categories (site map), content or responsiveness. We also study the market you operate in, your competitors and customers. On this basis we are able to implement specific changes that will positively affect the effectiveness of your website. - source: fusionmarketing.pl

Keyword analysis

Positioning your website also requires you to specify the keywords under which you would like to see your website at the top of the search engine results. These can be general phrases as well as local or long tail. In each case, you should take into account the popularity of keywords, understood as the frequency of their entry into the search engine. In many cases, however, the most popular phrases are so competitive that it could take several years to notice the effects of positioning. That is why it is a worthwhile idea to consider the local positioning of pages. So instead of focusing on such a phrase as "bakery", one can position the site on such a keyword as "bakery in Katowice". In this situation, there is a much better chance that the person coming to your site will actually be interested in shopping. Also noteworthy are the so-called long tail phrases. They consist of several words, such as "bakery with organic bread" or "bakery with gluten-free bread".

Obtaining external links

Positioning is mainly based on obtaining links leading to the website. They should come from sources that Google robots consider valuable. Therefore, you should avoid placing links on random pages that are not moderated in any way. After further changes in search engine algorithms, their quality is more important than the number of external links. The link should therefore be surrounded by valuable, useful content for real users. It is best that it is thematically linked to the site to which we are linking. Sponsored articles, published on portals within the same industry, are a great example of this.

When commissioning a SEO company to position websites, it is worth making sure that the sources of acquiring links are properly diversified. The idea is that they should be located in different places on the internet - e.g. moderated internet forums, social media, industry websites, back-up sites, high quality catalogues, etc. Also the achors, i.e. the phrases in which the link is placed, should be differentiated. It is best for most of them to be associated with a brand.

Internal linking in positioning

Besides linking from external sources, you can't forget about the so-called internal linking. The idea is that the individual subpages of the website should contain links to other places within the same site. This makes it easier for users to find the content they are interested in, while at the same time supporting the positioning process.


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