Translation into English - what do the agencies translate?


For any translation into English, the language skills of the translator are crucial. Therefore, it is best to use the services of people who can confirm their skills, e.g. with a Master's degree in English Philology. In many cases, translators are chosen by people for whom English is their mother tongue. However, we must remember that not every native speaker or philologist is competent to translate documents. That is why it is worthwhile to read opinions about the offices in question.

English translation sworn

We distinguish between many types of translations using English. First of all, we need to determine whether we need a certified translation. Not every person has the appropriate authority to do so. A sworn translator has the status of a government official, which is given after passing a special examination. This allows him to translate official documents such as certificates, wills, birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as court judgments. We must also remember that sworn translations are much more expensive than usual. The most commonly supported topics are

  • law/administration,

  • finance/banking,

  • construction/energy,

  • Medicine/pharmaceuticals,

  • telecommunications,

  • logistics.

The development of modern technologies means that more and more can be done at a distance. Until recently, an official document translated by a sworn translator could only be received and presented in paper form, with a handwritten signature and the translator's stamp, and only in this form was it accepted.

Today we have a certified electronic translation at our disposal! So you don't have to go to the offices to get a translated document anymore, you don't have to wait for the postman or courier to deliver the document in paper form. Now we can receive certified translations directly to our e-mail address, which saves time - just order a translation certified with a qualified electronic signature.

English interpretation

Another type of translation from English is interpretation, which is quite difficult to prepare. The same is true for simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker. This requires a great deal of language knowledge, specialist education and many hours of training. That is why not every translation agency has such a service in its offer.

Online translation agency

Not everyone has much time to take their documents to the translation agency. In this case you can use the services of online translation agencies. Such companies offer increasingly higher quality services. Additionally, their offer is usually very extensive. If you care about time, in some companies you can choose express translation into English. Most often it is more expensive than a simple translation, but it is a good solution when you need documents immediately. If you need a reliable English translation agency, check out the Alingua online translation agency. More on

Translation requires a lot of language skills, so not everyone is suitable for this job. Before we use the services of a given company, it is worth looking for information and opinions of people who have already used the services of the company. This will help us to assess whether the task performed will meet our expectations. If we need a specialist English translator, it is worth checking if the translator has knowledge in the given field. This applies, for example, to medical translations, e.g. description of the disease, discharge from the hospital.


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