Three mistakes we should avoid when choosing an office shredder


While it may seem that finding a really robust office shredder shouldn't be a complicated task, many office equipment of this type causes irritation rather than satisfaction. Interestingly, this does not mean that shredder companies do not take the Polish market seriously by releasing only low-end equipment. The blame for this often lies with the buyers themselves, who, when ordering shredders, find it difficult to avoid at least a few mistakes.

Firstly, the lack of expected functions

What kind of job is an office shredder supposed to do? It's simple, it should help you get rid of documents as required by the FAMILY Act and ancillary regulations. So how is it possible that shredders that are difficult to use reach the offices? It is mainly due to the ignorance of the ordering parties. They are well aware that the shredder should handle printed paper well, so they decide to buy such a solution satisfied that it did not cost much. Unfortunately, when it comes to its practical application, one can quickly find out what made it affordable, because it turns out that in offices sensitive data is not only written on paper for a long time. Even if media such as CDs are not used to write them, cards are usually stapled and pinned. The person responsible for their disposal can therefore not start work until he has got rid of all staples and clips, otherwise he will endanger the device. As a result, the shredder does not speed up as much as you might expect.

Second, buying no name shredders

When looking for office equipment we have to take into account not only its functionality but also its price. The rule is that the lower it is, the better. Many people who make an order assume that it is a pity to give up interesting functions. However, since savings are necessary, instead of proven solutions such as the Revel shredder, we choose products offered by companies that we were not aware of until now. Of course, it is not said at all that by acting in this way we have no chance of finding a real pearl - a printer that deserves the highest praise. However, this situation is relatively rare. Much more often such an approach means having a failing device, which is difficult to repair and usually not worth even its low price.

Thirdly, buying shredders with too low a capacity

It is enough to trace the records of legal acts concerning sensitive data to realize that the amount of information that we can call this term today is systematically increasing. So it's not hard to guess that the shredder is becoming more and more used office equipment. Not always those looking for the perfect solution remember this, so the result is that many offices have devices whose capacity does not meet users' needs. This may not be the biggest problem people have to deal with when using shredders. However, the necessity and regular emptying can make work difficult. It takes time and makes disposing of documents with sensitive data much more complicated than it could be. So it is worth remembering that a capacity of 30 litres is an absolute minimum in an office.

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