Our client - our Lordwho doesn't know the saying. The great competition on the market makes companies stand on their heads to satisfy us. This can be seen at almost every step of the way when we want to take a loan. It's getting easier every day.

We don't always have the time and opportunity to take a loan from the bank. This can be dictated by many factors, which is why the parabanque market is getting better. Poles are willing to use them, mainly because there are few formalities involved, applications are easy and quick to complete, and in most of them we do not have to confirm our income.

The decision to get a moment is very quick, sometimes after a dozen or so minutes we know if we will get a transfer to our account. Nevertheless, this is not the right solution for everyone. That's why more and more companies have something like a home loan in their offer.

Why and for whom?

For some people, such an action may seem very strange, or even could be described as making their lives difficult. Because if you can do everything online, why take money personally?

This solution is mainly addressed to people who, for example, do not have a bank account. Such a facility makes it possible for a consultant to come to our house on a pre-determined day with cash and the necessary documents required to complete the transaction.

Moreover, during such a meeting we can also determine whether we want to pay the instalments personally. There is such a possibility. All we have to do is determine when the consultant will come to collect the cash and what rates we will pay. We're not concerned about the transfer, the companies will take care of it themselves.

Such comfort is in the price

We must keep in mind that such a solution involves higher costs than those we incur in the case of an ordinary moment. This is mainly due to the commission on the loan itself and the cost of housekeeping - i.e. paying the person who will come to us. In addition, we must also remember about interest and preparation fees. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about the home loan and what is the actual interest rate of the loan.

However, we use such solutions more often than you might think. Probably because such a solution does not require any additional formalities and e.g. confirmations with no complaints in BIK, BIG, etc. and we do not have to talk about our possible bailiff activities.

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