Rose water hydrolate


The scent of roses is one of the most popular aromas in the world, very popular in the cosmetic industry. Rose water hydrolate is one of the products that combines a subtle rose aroma with excellent effectiveness, especially when dealing with various types of skin problems.

Rose water hydrolate - help for all skin types

Rose water hydrolate is a cosmetic that was created during the process of distillation of plant material, otherwise it can simply be called a tonic. This is also its main application - it perfectly tones the skin, restoring its proper pH and preparing it for moisturizing cream or other cosmetic treatments. Undoubtedly, the great advantage of Rose Hydrolat is its beautiful fragrance, which envelops the skin with a pleasant aroma long after application and makes the use of the cosmetic all the more pleasant.

Hydrolat - application

Rose water hydrolate is an extremely versatile product and is one of the "must have" cosmetics in any bathroom or beautician. It can be applied to the skin of the whole body, not just to the face. It has a moisturizing, astringent, smoothing effect, eliminates skin discoloration, and effectively fights smaller scars, for example after acne. A cotton pad soaked in rose water hydrolate and placed on the eyelid after a sleepless night will make swelling and disfiguring shadows disappear. On hot summer days, the hydrolyte of rose water will also work well as a substitute for the mist, properly moisturizing the skin without leaving a greasy, glowing filter, and perfectly refreshing, while leaving a delicate, subtle scent of roses.

The cosmetic will also work as a rescue for dry hair ends, leaving them soft, smooth and shiny.

Rose water hydrolate - durability

Undoubtedly, Rose Water Hydrolat is a universal product, but due to the fact that no preservatives are used, it is also very fragile and should be used in the shortest possible time. It is not an impossible thing to do, because of its huge possibilities of application, so it is worth to use it as an element of home SPA, or as often as possible in everyday skin care. To increase the expiry date slightly, the hydrolath should be kept in the fridge in a sealed package.

Ease of access

Hydrolats of various kinds, not only rose water, until recently were only used as a substitute for perfume, as so-called perfumed waters. Over time, their beneficial properties were used as an individual good, which resulted in the creation of a new line of cosmetics, namely hydrolats.

They are now very easily available, not only as a product to buy in drugstores and stationary stores, but also on the Internet. Hydrolats are usually produced in the form of a convenient mist, very easy to use and allowing optimal distribution of the cosmetic on the skin during a single application.

Hydrolats - how to make them yourself?

Contrary to popular belief, making cosmetics on your own is possible, and one of the easiest to prepare is the hydrolat of rose water. Making it does not require any special skills, moreover, there is a lot of material on the subject, available immediately on the Internet, together with cosmetic advice and tips for every skin type. Hydrolats are also a great base for other home cosmetics such as peelings or moisturizing and cleansing masks.


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