Lip augmentation - the most popular aesthetic medicine procedure


Women pay a lot of attention to their appearance. They like to take care of themselves and test various beauty treatments. The aesthetic medicine market offers more and more affordable treatments to correct your imperfections. This allows you to get rid of complexes and increase your confidence.

One of the most popular treatments is undoubtedly lip augmentation. It is a salvation for the owners of narrow, small lips, but as with any interference with our body, the question immediately arises whether this is a safe solution?

Mouth enlargement - methods

There are several different methods to enlarge your lips so that you can adjust them to your needs. The method that is most often chosen is hyaluronic acid mouth enlargement. This treatment provides immediate effect and safety, due to no side effects.

Another known method is the transplantation of fat tissue from e.g. the abdomen and then implanting it in the mouth. This solution lasts from 6 to 12 months as the fat is slowly absorbed by the body. Repeating the treatment extends the effect even to several years.

The last method, by far the most expensive, is surgical lip augmentation with implants. This is the only method that gives customers a lasting effect without the need to repeat the treatment. Find out more at

Hyaluronic acid mouth enlargement - what is it?

Mouth enlargement with hyaluronic acid consists in injecting an appropriate dose of the preparation in order to increase their volume while maintaining the natural effect. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken three days before the procedure. On the day of the procedure itself, physical effort and body overheating should be avoided.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes. During this time the preparation is precisely introduced into the skin of the mouth with a needle and a pre-filled syringe. Then the doctor skillfully massages the preparation so as to spread it evenly and give your lips the desired shape. The visit is preceded by an earlier consultation with the doctor, which will allow to choose the right amount of acid and discuss the expected effect.

mouthpiece enlargement

Does lip augmentation hurt?

Many people associate all syringe and needle treatments with a feeling of discomfort. However, such services are preceded by the administration of anaesthesia to the patient. Does lip augmentation hurt? Absolutely not, the only unpleasant moment may be the application of local anaesthesia. However, it takes a while and the rest of the procedure is done without any unpleasant sensations.

Mouth enlargement with hyaluronic acid - price

The price for hyaluronic acid lip augmentation may vary greatly depending on the salon you choose. However, one must bear in mind that this is a procedure that requires extraordinary precision and experience. Before choosing a suitable location, attention should be paid to the certificates and training that the person has received.

The cost of hyaluronic acid lip augmentation is also dependent on the amount of the injected preparation. Usually the price per 1 ml of acid is given on the pages of different clinics. The amount we have to pay for this kind of pleasure ranges from 500 to 1000 PLN.

Mouth enlargement - effects

After the application of hyaluronic acid, the lips become more moisturized, fuller and more tempting. This acid is a completely safe solution as it naturally occurs in the human body. However, it has no lasting effect, as it is gradually absorbed. The amount of the filling preparation is adjusted to the individual needs of the client. And the lip augmentation effect lasts from 6 to 12 months. The absorption time of the filler depends on the individual predisposition of the patient.

Immediately after the treatment the lips are slightly swollen and this effect can last from 3 to 5 days. The period of convalescence is extremely short. However, you have to reckon with the possibility of swelling, haematomas or local bruises. Their intensity depends on the individual predisposition of the patient.

Mouth enlargement with hyaluronic acid is an innovative solution that will help all women with complexes associated with their lips. This little change will have a spectacular effect and make them love their new look.


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