Ways of falling out hair


Hair loss is a problem for many people. In the following article we will tell you how to fight it and keep your hair beautiful and thick. How to reduce hair loss? The first step will be to diagnose the cause of too much hair loss. It could be stress or whatever.

Hair loss - causes

The main cause of hair loss is stress. Other reasons include:

  • Changing hair care products and bad habits (e.g. hair jerking during combing)
  • Rare hair washing
  • Frequent painting and other hair treatments
  • Frequent use of curling iron and rectifier
  • Some diseases
  • A nutrient-poor diet

Hair loss - vitamins

A bad diet affects the health and appearance of hair, skin and nails. Eating products rich in iron and biotin will help to maintain the appearance and volume of your hair. Other minerals and vitamins should also be taken, the most important of which are zinc, folic acid and sulphur. Protein, which should not be missing from the diet, is also responsible for hair structure. It is worthwhile to buy supplements for hair loss, although a healthy and balanced diet will be a sufficient and effective option.

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ways of hair loss

Homemade ways of hair loss

Specifics for hair loss can cost a fortune. But we don't have to spend a lot of money on improving the look of your hair. Just follow these proven home remedies for strong and healthy hair.

  • Wash your hair regularly. We use hot, but not hot water. Changes to the shampoo may cause them to weaken, so it is worth keeping to one, proven specificity.
  • Masks and conditioners with a light texture are a good way to keep hair falling out. Choose those whose job is to combat hair loss.
  • In most people, the main cause of hair loss is stress, so it is worth using stress-reducing techniques.
  • You should not pin your hair down tightly and wear tight hats.
  • It is worth reducing the frequency of use of the rectifier and curling iron to a minimum. It may also be helpful to reduce chemicals such as varnishes and rinse aids.
  • A good diet rich in vitamins and minerals will have a beneficial effect on hair condition.
  • You can use a handmade nettle or horsetail rinse to rinse your hair. The infusion should be applied after it has cooled down.
  • A mask of two tablespoons of oil and two egg yolks with honey and cinnamon can work wonders. Wash it off in 15 minutes.

If the above advice does not have any effect, the cause of hair loss may be in a state of health. Consult a doctor and see if you're all right.


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