Choose the perfect eye cream for your age!


What does your skin really need?

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to deformation. The inherently weak collagen and elastin fibers make these places less flexible. These places are additionally sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. Dehydrations strengthen the effect and make new furrows appear and those that have already come out become deeper. Eye creams should be used after the age of 20. How to choose the right one for our skin?

Eye Cream

Dermatologists say that you have to choose your cream according to your skin type, not your age. People with active mimicry need creams that moisturize strongly. Mimic wrinkles are obviously caused by genes. Mimicry is very difficult to control, so it is necessary to use slightly stronger creams. Wrinkles are shallow at first, but a lack of care will certainly make them worse. The first mimic wrinkles appear even in twenty-year-olds, so it is worthwhile to reach for anti-wrinkle creams then. Many women recommend specialised botox injections for wrinkles, but doctors believe that cases of deep wrinkles in such young people are rare and do not require such treatments. Botox is not worth thinking about until you're 35 years old.

eye cream

Why is it so important to moisturize your skin?

The skin around the eyes loses moisture quickly. This is due to the loss of hyaluronic acid, which we have less and less in the body with age, so it is worth buying a cream with its contents. Choose one that also comes with retinol and a range of vitamins.

Eye creams and age

  • Eye Cream 25

Then the skin needs deep moisturization. Although the skin is tight, it is worth taking care to strengthen the so-called hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis.

  • Eye Cream 30

The mimic muscles are constantly flexing, which leads to furrows. You should then look for creams to relax and regenerate the epidermis.

  • Eye Cream 40

Collagen production is declining, so firming is necessary. Retinol and vitamin C will be tested here.

  • Eye creams 50

In this case, it is worth choosing creams with coenzyme Q10, which will give you a facelift.

  • Women's creams 60+

The skin becomes flabby and thin. It is necessary to purchase repair and rejuvenate creams.

Eye cream - how to apply?

We apply the eye cream twice a day. Always on clean skin. The cream should be applied with a warm finger, as the pressure is lower. It starts from the corner of the eyebrow arch and moves outside, also on the lower eyelid. The cream should also be applied in place of closed eyelids. Roll small circles around the eyes and finally pinch these places to stimulate circulation.