A hairdressing console - an important element in your salon


A hairdressing salon is a place where people who want to change their hairstyle, colour or go through a total metamorphosis go. It is important to take proper care not only of professional service or quality of work performed, but also of the customer's well-being. This is influenced by the proper approach of the salon's employees to it and the interior design of the premises. Because the way we feel is influenced by what we're surrounded by. So how to make the customer feel comfortable in the living room?

An indispensable part of any hairdressing salon - a hairdressing console

A hairdressing console is definitely a must in every hairdressing salon. The furniture clearly facilitates the work of stylists and is a perfect place to store basic hairdressing tools such as brushes, scissors or dryers. The console has many shelves, compartments, cabinets, and the more expensive and luxurious models also have internal wiring. The main part of the console is usually a large mirror, where the customer can browse and control the progress of the new hairstyle. In addition, it optically enlarges the room, making a small living room seem more spacious, brighter and bigger. It is not only a piece of furniture which is supposed to look nice, it is also an element of the interior design of the premises which is an extremely valuable accessory in hairdresser's work.

The consoles available on the market differ in design, size or size of individual elements and additional equipment such as cabinets or shelves. It is also worth noting that the consoles can be single as well as two-station. The former is the most frequently chosen option. On the other hand, the versions combining two stands look best in more intimate yet luxurious glamorously designed interiors. In addition, hairdresser's consoles may be available in a double-sided version. This type is usually placed in salons where space for work is limited due to their small size.

Thanks to this solution, two hairdressers can work at one console at the same time and fulfill the wishes of the clients sitting on both sides of the furniture. Through the high mirror they are not able to see each other, so there is no feeling of awkwardness and their personal zone is not disturbed. When choosing a console, it is important to consider in which room it is to be placed. Do we have a smaller or larger establishment, in what style is the interior to be preserved? With this, you will be able to choose the right furniture for your hairdressing salon.

hairdresser's console

Is it worth it?

The console marks the hairdresser's workstation. It is the place where the basic tools he uses to create his hairstyle are stored. So there must be enough compartments, shelves and cabinets for professional hairdressing equipment such as scissors, various types of brushes, combs, hair styling products or curling irons, dryers, straighteners and much more. Storing a whole range of accessories on "view" disturbs the sense of order and gives the salon an unsightly appearance. By storing the tools in the hairdresser's console it is much easier to find the desired type of equipment and maintain order. This furniture combines comfort and functionality. It also makes the work of hair stylists easier.

A hairdresser's console is a professional element of hairdressing salon equipment. It comes in a variety of styles, colours and finishes, so that every salon owner can choose the right piece of furniture for themselves and their needs, while emphasizing the unique character of the interior, providing customers with well-being and high quality service.