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Business and Finance


For a company to operate properly, it is necessary to provide it with adequate financial resources. This is always connected with costs, so it is natural for the economic market to develop more and more services offering financial support for...

Business and Finance

Efficient reduction of company costs

An old saying says that in order to make good money you have to invest and not be afraid of risk. However, the most common reason for companies to go bankrupt is overinvestment, i.e. not researching the level of investment risk. Therefore, it is...


Artificial intelligence will look for a job for us

Say it: Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO of Emplocity. How much time do we spend looking for work? It's hard to count. Everyone who has done this knows that it takes time to go through all the ads. Artificial Intelligence can already do this for us...

Business and Finance

Why use online loans?

​ Online loans - for some people the perfect way out of temporary financial problems, for others incredible. How is it really? Everything, of course, depends on the company we start working with. In the case of non-banking companies, it is very...